Total Current Certified SANEs*: 2331

SANE-A: 1636    SANE-P: 695
Total includes dual-certified SANEs


The SANE-A and SANE-P certification exams are held twice a year during April and September.

September Examinees: August 1- The Notice to Schedule email has been sent! Please check your email at the address you used to register for the exam. Not there? Check your spam and delete boxes. If you cannot locate, promptly contact: certification@forensicnurses.org

Congratulations to our 180 April certificants!


By CE: Opens 3.01.22 for those last certified in 2019

Online Applications Only

SANE-related Practice Hours: 200 of the 300 hrs must be focused on the adult/adolescent (for SANE-A) or prepubescent/adolescent population (for SANE-P). This change adds adolescents as a patient population for both adult and pediatric SANE practice.

What’s the Difference Between a Certificate and Certification?
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